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asana :: आसनं :: commonly referenced postures

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asana is a word which, in the context of yoga, describes a specific fixed position of the body. Vinyasa is the movement which morphs the body from one asana to the next. In practice, specific asanas are referred to by both their english and sanskrit names, often interchangeably. While the english names often make a symbolic reference to the actual form or gesture, the sanskrit terms can be a little less accessible to us westerners.

Lucky you! We've compiled a list of translations for the most commonly mentioned poses:

    ताडासन tadasana mountain pose

    उत्तानासन uttanasana standing forward bend

    चतुरङ्गदण्डासन caturaṅga daṇḍāsana four limbed staff (aka yoga pushup, done between plank and cobra while in vinyasa)

    सूर्य नमस्ते surya namaskara sun salutation, the basic foundational vinyasa flow

    अधोमुख स्वनसन adho mukha svanasana down dog, literally "downward facing dog"... alongside tadasana and savasana, one of the "home" asanas

    वीरभद्रासन virabhadasana warrior pose - there are 3 variations

    बद्धकोणसन badha konasana bound angle pose / butterfly
    oft referenced for the flyer in acroyoga inversions

    वृक्षासन vṛkṣāsana tree pose

    नटराजासन natarajasana lord of the dance, shiva, dancer's balance

    शवासन savasana corpse pose

For a comprehensive reference listing more than 100 asanas, see WikiPedia.

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